How to save when the elevator falls Take the elevator to talk about civilization

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1 regardless of the number of floors, it is to quickly put every layer of the keys are pressed. General elevator emergency power start, can stop the fall.
2 if the elevator has the best grip on the handle, the passengers, it can avoid the center of gravity and falls due.
3. In the falling process of the elevator, passengers will across the back and head close to the inner wall of the elevator is a straight line, so you can use the elevator walls as a protection of the spine, knee to keep bending posture, the use of a ligament to cushion the blow pressure.
4. After the elevator stops falling, the emergency telephone or mobile phone and duty personnel, maintenance personnel contact, will be trapped information released to the elevator where building management institutions or elevator maintenance unit, told where the elevator is located, the elevator personnel. Passengers should wait for rescue workers in the elevator, must not force open the elevator door.
Take the elevator to talk about civilization

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