Three hearts of United: Sincere, thoughtful, relieved

Service is an important link for the sublimation of quality.United Elevator changes the disregard of service by traditional industry and transforms to manufacturer of service type, providing comprehensive, thoughtful and careful service for each link of pre-sale, on-sale and after-sale, in order to build five-star elevator service providers.

High Qualtiy Delivery Chain

We strive for continuous improvement in the quality, responsiveness and efficiency of our delivery chain. Our delivery chain encompasses all of the actions and processes that lead up to the delivery of UNITED equipment to the customer’s site.

The chain ends when the customer accepts the installation. Leading up to this point, we work to ensure that throughout all the phases of manufacturing, distribution, installation, and in the processes of our suppliers, the right items are delivered to the right places at the right times, and with the right quality.

We continuously improve the quality of all of our actions and aim to develop the best delivery chain in the industry.


Installation is a very important part of the solution. Good installation is the guarantee of the good running of the equipment which is also the vital part of the quality product. UNITED owns a very professional elevator installation team which comprises of very experienced engineers and technicians who have been working in this field for many years.They have made many classic cases creating the honor of UNITED.


UNITED offers maintenance and monitoring solutions that maximize reliability and safety while minimizing downtime and costs. The 24/7 UNITED “Customer Care Center” is equipped with the monitoring system that tracks operation information, service records and technical data of the equipment.Keep your equipment running.

Spare parts

UNITED stocks a wide range of spare parts for elevators and escalators and can also supply parts for equipment from other manufacturers.


UNITED’s modernization solutions range from small upgrades to the full replacement of the elevators, escalators and doors. Modernization solutions improve the equipment’s safety, accessibility, performance, aesthetic appeal and eco-efficiency. UNITED elevator modernization can increase the eco-efficiency of an elevator by 70%.

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